Tree species diversity distribution

A short description how to use the r.series.diversity addon for GRASS GIS to generate maps of the tree species diversity across the contiguous USA, based on tree species distribution data by Wilson et al. 2013

Adding functions to the QGIS toolbox

The graphical modeler is a great way to automate tasks, using the routines in the QGIS toolbox. However, what to do if you need a function not available in the toolbox? In that case you may want to look into writing your own script.


The NASADEM_HGT dataset is a 1 arcsecond void-filled dataset which combines data from the SRTM and ASTER GDEM data. It can be downloaded from EarthData in 1° by 1° tiles. But if you are using GRASS GIS, downloading is greatly fascilitated using the r.in.nasadem addon. The addon imports all NASADEM tiles covering the current region or region extents given with the region option into GRASS and patches the tiles together.

Access soilgrid data using the WCS protocol

With the tmap package you can map good looking maps in R. One of the elements you may want to include in a map is an inset map, which shows for example the location of your main map within a larger region (country for example). The tricky part of doing this with tmap is to properly align the legend and the inset map. This short tutorial shows you how to do this.

Import and explore reconstructed MODIS LST data

In this tutorial we will look at processing of temporal data, using the aggregated monthly MODIS LST data layers by Metz et al. (2017) as input. We will import the layers in a GRASS GIS database, create a temporal database, and then check out a few options available in GRASS GIS to explore the data.

Mapping the number of mammal species based on IUCN redlist range maps

Creating a map in GRASS GIS with the number of mammal species based on the IUCN redlist range maps.

Spatial interpolation in GRASS GIS

This tutorial was developed as part of the course Hands-on to GIS and Remote Sensing with GRASS GIS at ITC - University of Twente on November 3rd, 2017. The tutorial provides an introduction on how to do spatial interpolation in GRASS GIS.