Open source tools

Most of the tools we use are open source. In part because we believe that the use of open source software and open data contributes towards a more transparent, rapid and inclusive science, especially in ecology, biogeography and conservation sciences. But also because open source tools such as R, GRASS GIS and QGIS are amongst the best tools available today. We are not software developers, but we do sometimes need to create some simple scripts / tools for our work. We aim to make these tools available under an open source licence whenever possible. Some examples of scripts wer have created can be found here.

multivariate similarity maps of Kenya


Agricultural research, development projects, conservation prioritization; it all has a spatial component. Based on ample and practical experience in spatial analysis, from landscape scale GIS analysis to spatial distribution modeling of species, we are developing a number of tutorials and study materials related to spatial analysis in ecology, biodiversity and land change studies. These tutorial will be published on this site. Read more ...

Rainfall patterns in Kenya

Spatial data & maps

An important aspect of our work is the creation of spatial data and maps. Examples of maps we have contributed to are the vegetation maps of SW Kenya, Ethiopia, and eastern Africa. The latter is available in various formats on the vegetationmap4africa, a web portal that we have developed for the World Agroforestry Centre and the University of Copenhagen. We have helped in developing data and creating maps in a number of other studies and projects (see here for an example), and would be happy to help you to create yours. Let us know if you want to discuss options.

The cover of the atlas