Livestock water productivity in the Nile basin

The outputs presented below were created as part of the project 'Livestock Water Productivity in the Nile Basin' of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water & Food (CPWF). This project aimed to improve food security, reduce poverty and enhance agro-ecosystem health by managing livestock for more effective overall use of water. The project has identified opportunities to increase livestock water productivity (LWP) in key production systems of Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda through site-specific sets of interventions including improved feed sourcing, enhanced animal production, water conservation, and strategic provisioning of drinking water.

As part of this project, we carried out a basin-wide spatially explicit assessment of livestock water requirements and productivity. To that end we created a spatial model that combined information on livestock distribution, livestock feed and water requirements for the different livestock species and biomass production. The results are described in van Breugel et al. (2010).

To develop and test methods to estimate livestock feed and water requirements, We created FeedWat, a simple excel tool to quickly examine the effect of changes in feed quality, diet, and level of activities on the feed and water requirement of ruminants in the Nile basin. The tool is intended as a 'What-If' tool and allows the user to change all parameters. See the manual for a short explanation how the tool works. The default parameters have not been tested! For real-life estimates, the user will need to adjust the parameters to fit the conditions prevalent in his/her study area. For the Nile basin, van Breugel et al (2010) provide some parameters.


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