Invasive alien species

Working on invasive alien species (IAS)

Mapping (bio)diversity

Exploring ways to map biodiversity using different data and methods.

Dashboards and online maps

Exploring the possibilities to publish your maps and other content online

Sounds from nature

I like bird watching, and I would like to improve my skills in recognizing bird sounds, by recording bird sounds. Below some recordings of birds I often hear in the region I live.

Open source tools

Programs like R and GRASS GIS are incredible powerfull. But occasionally you'll need a functionality that is not available yet. Luckily, depending on the kind of functionality, it isn't terribly difficult to create your own scripts. In the past years I have created a few scripts that I hope are useful to others as well.

Writing about open source

Throughout the years I have used a wide range of open source GIS, database and statistical software both for personal and professional use. In order not to forget newly learned techniques or tricks I try to jot down some notes whenever I have learned something new. And occassionally, I write them down on my blog, in the hope that they come in handy one day for somebody else.

Data analysis and exploration

Agricultural research, development projects, conservation prioritization; it all has a spatial component. In geographic information system (GIS) analysis, a crucial step is to link knowledge to location.

Website of the foundation.

Vegetationmap 4 Africa

Information portal to support conservation, vegetation restoration and agroforestry

The atlas of the natural vegetation of Ethiopia

The atlas of the natural vegetation of Ethiopia, description and download