QGIS 3.14 is there

There is always this buzz that comes with new releases of QGIS. I guess this is because the development goes so quick, and each and every release brings something new and exciting. In fact, I haven’t even had the change to try out all the new functionalities in version 3.12 (see here).

But OK, what will QGIS 3.14 Pi brings us? Again, a lot. The changelog isn’t officially online yet, but check out the link to the sneakpreview on that page. Highlights are further improvements to vector tile support, new cartographic functionality, and of course, the new temporal support. For the Dutch readers, Anita Graser talked about it on the Grote Geo Show. I also like the new functions in the processing toolbox, like the random raster generating algorithms and the new modeler algorithms for creating conditional branches, to name just two.

Creating a random raster layer

But this is just the top of the iceberg. Check out yourself the long list of new functions and changes. Or even better, go over to qgis.org and install the latest and greatest yourself. I for one just did. And to prove it, below a screenshot of the use of the new renderer for drawing contour lines that are calculated on the fly from the source raster band.

creating contour lines on the fly
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