The posts below are mostly focussed on the use of open source software in research and education. And to specificy this even further, it will likely be about the use of GIS and other analytical tools. But, I might get inspired and write about a totally different subject. I will also migrate some of the potentially useful blogposts from Ecostudies over to this site, so I can eventually shut that one down.

QGIS 3.14 is there

There is always this buzz that comes with new releases of QGIS. I guess this is because the development goes so quick, and each and every release brings something new and exciting.

Legend for continuous raster in QGIS composer

This blogpost shows in a few steps how to add a continuous colour legend for a raster layer in a map layout in QGIS. It is a work around, but it works.

Creating a map with inset using tmap

Plotting maps with tmap Get the libraries Main map Inset map Create the final map All the code Plotting maps with tmap Figure 1: A map of the distances to the nearest Natura2000 areas in a region in the central Oder basin.

Recording sounds

Recording bird sounds Using Audacity About the audio player Recording bird sounds I like bird watching, and I would like to improve my skills in recognizing bird sounds.

De Grote Geo Show

The Grote Geoshow is a Dutch show on Twitch (live) and YouTube by the foundation and friends. It airs every Thursday afternoon and is all about open geo topics.

New GRASS GIS website

GRASS GIS is a fantastic software package, not only one of the oldest GIS packages still around, but also one that is continuously updating and improving thanks to a vibrant community.

Comparing human population density maps

Population density maps have multiple implications, e.g., to help relief agencies to better plan where they are needed most in case of disaster and in demographic, economic and environmental research.

Migrating from ecostudies to ecodiv

Ecostudies EOL A new solution Using blogdown Migrating old posts Ecostudies EOL I have kept a blog on Ecostudies for quite some years. It was mostly about using open source GIS tools.