Print tables in format recognized by Zim-wiki

Author: Paulo van Breugel
Updated on: 26-07-17


If you work with Pandas dataframes in Python, you can view the table by printing it to screen. For example:

# Import libraries
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

# Create dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({'one' : [1., 2., 3., 4.],
				   'two' : [4., 3., 2., 1.]})

# Print dataframe to screen

This will print the table to screen as:

   one  two
0  1.0  4.0
1  2.0  3.0
2  3.0  2.0
3  4.0  1.0

but what if we want to show the table in a report or on a web page?


With the tabulate package we can export the table in various formats including html and Latex. If you want to use the table in a Latex document, for example, you can run:

# Load the tabulate library
from tabulate import tabulate

print tabulate(df, headers=df.columns, tablefmt="latex",
               showindex=False, floatfmt=".2f")

Will print the following to screen:

   one &   two \\
  1.00 &  4.00 \\
  2.00 &  3.00 \\
  3.00 &  2.00 \\
  4.00 &  1.00 \\

If you use this in a Latex editor, you'll get:

I am writing this post in Zim-wiki, a graphical text editor that can be used to maintain a collection of wiki pages. In this case, I can export the same dataframe using the 'pipe' option. This is a format that Zim-wiki will automatically convert to a table. For example:

print tabulate(df, headers=df.columns, tablefmt="pipe",
			   showindex=False, floatfmt=".2f")

will print the following to screen:

|   one |   two |
|  1.00 |  4.00 |
|  2.00 |  3.00 |
|  3.00 |  2.00 |
|  4.00 |  1.00 |

When you copy-paste this in a Zim-notebook page, and reload the page, you will get (showing a screenshot of the table as it looks like in Zim):

Check out the manual page of Tabulate for all the supported table formats and the required syntax.


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