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RStudio meets Zotero

There is certainly something to look forward to in the upcoming RStudio version 1.4. With the all new visual RMarkdown editor and integration with Zotero, you can not only run your analyses in RStudio, you can also write the report with ease.

Tree species diversity distribution

A short description how to use the r.series.diversity addon for GRASS GIS to generate maps of the tree species diversity across the contiguous USA, based on tree species distribution data by Wilson et al. 2013

Huis ter Heide

You may get depressed from all the news about the loss of our biodiversity in the Netherlands. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still beautiful places to be found.

Adding functions to the QGIS toolbox

The graphical modeler is a great way to automate tasks, using the routines in the QGIS toolbox. However, what to do if you need a function not available in the toolbox? In that case you may want to look into writing your own script.
Paulo van Breugel

Paulo van Breugel

Lecturer & researcher

HAS University of Applied Sciences


I have a professional background and personal interest in forest, landscape and macro-ecology, eco- and biogeography and conservation and sustainable management of natural resources. My research interests are in the use of spatial patterns and processes in our natural and man-made environment, and how we can apply this knowledge to support and improve the use and management of our (natural) environment.

I have lived and worked in Syria, Brazil, Kenya with, amongst others, Bioversity International, the World Agroforestry Centre, Sao Paulo University, Copenhagen University and the International Livestock Research Institute.

I currently live in the beautiful city ’s Hertogenbosch in the south of the Netherlands. I am lecturer at the Geo Media and Design department of the HAS University of Applied Sciences, where I teach topics such as spatial data analysis and biodiversity. In addition, I am member of the expertise network of the lectorate Innovative Bio-Monitoring, a collaboration between the HAS and Naturalis.

I strongly believe in the importance of open data and the benefits of open source software. I am charter member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation ( OSGeo), and secretary of the Dutch chapter of OSGeo (


  • Landscape and forest ecology
  • Biodiversity & nature conservation and sustainable use
  • Spatial (data) analysis and visualisation
  • Open source and open data


  • PhD in Forest, Nature and Biomass, 2016

    University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science

  • MSc. in Agricultural and Natural Environmental Sciences, 1996

    Wageningen University