RStudio meets Zotero

RStudio with a visual RMarkdown editor mode and Zotero integration

RStudio 1.4 preview brings exciting new features

I am a very happy user of RStudio. I use it for analysis, but also to write tutorials, presentations and lecture notes. And the combination with the Bookdown and Blogdown packages make it a very versatile tool to write reports and blog posts like this one.

And the good news is, this will become even easier in the upcoming RStudio 1.4. It will will bring a visual RMarkdown editing mode for the visual editing of Pandoc markdown documents, including tables, divs/spans, definition lists, attributes, and better support for the use of cross-references, footnotes, equations, and embedded LaTeX.

What really gets me excited is the extensive support for citations. It was already pretty easy to include citations when using the Bookdown package, but the new version will bring direct integration with Zotero, arguably one of the best reference manager around, and open source as well. With this new feature, it becomes as easy to enter citations in your Markdown document as it is in e.g., Libreoffice or Word.

You can read all about the RStudio visual editing mode here, Or you can download the preview version (same site) and try it out yourself. I for one am sold :-)

Paulo van Breugel
Paulo van Breugel
Lecturer & researcher

My interests range from biodiversity and ecology to spatial data analysis. I am also what one could describe as a lifelong learner; I enjoy to learn new things and widen my horizon, both professionally and personally.

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