Latest GRASS GIS addons now also available for Windows

For Window users, several new GRASS GIS addons that were published recently did not show up in the list of available addons when running the g.extension function. One of these was the r.suitability.regions addon I wrote some time back back (check out the accompanying tutorial here).

But as a great start of the new year, this has now been fixed. A big thanks to the dev team! So, did you see an interesting addons mentioned on e.g., twitter, but were not able yet to install it yet? Time to try it again :-).

Paulo van Breugel
Paulo van Breugel
Lecturer & researcher

My interests range from biodiversity and ecology to spatial data analysis. I am also what one could describe as a lifelong learner; I enjoy to learn new things and widen my horizon, both professionally and personally.

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