Create a QR code in Libreoffice

I just discovered this new features in Libreoffice, the QR code generator. Or perhaps I should say, new to me. I just checked and this new feature was already introduced in version 6.4. Well, its never too late to discover cool new features.

It is dead simple too. Open Writer, Impress or Drawing file, and in the menu go to InsertObjectQR and barcode. This opens the QR and barcode menu below.

Just fill in the website address for which you want to create the QR code, the quality of the image and the type (QR or barcode). Hit enter and the image with the QR or bar code will be included in your document.

Paulo van Breugel
Paulo van Breugel
Lecturer & researcher

My interests range from biodiversity and ecology to spatial data analysis. I am also what one could describe as a lifelong learner; I enjoy to learn new things and widen my horizon, both professionally and personally.

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