MODIS fire data in GRASS GIS

In this post I show how to import 8-day MODIS satellite images from 2002-2021 in a GRASS GIS temporal database, and how to compute some summary statistics based on these data layers.

Upload raster labels to a point layer attribute table

Introducing the v.what.rast.label addon. An little utility to sample the raster values and labels at point locations defined by a vector point layer. Values and labels are written to the attribute table of the point layer.

Latest GRASS GIS addons now also available for Windows

For Window users, several new GRASS GIS addons that were published recently did not show up in the list of available addons when running the g.extension function. But as a great start of the new year, this has now been fixed.

Compute the area per category

A short note about different ways in GRASS GIS to create a raster layer with as values the surface area of the categories in another raster layer.

Distance between features

Calculating the distance between features (points, polygons, lines) is a common GIS task. In this tutorial I will calculate the nearest sighting of mountain lions to Minnesota in GRASS GIS

Tree species diversity distribution

A short description how to use the r.series.diversity addon for GRASS GIS to generate maps of the tree species diversity across the contiguous USA, based on tree species distribution data by Wilson et al. 2013


The NASADEM_HGT dataset is a 1 arcsecond void-filled dataset which combines data from the SRTM and ASTER GDEM data. It can be downloaded from EarthData in 1° by 1° tiles. But if you are using GRASS GIS, downloading is greatly fascilitated using the addon. The addon imports all NASADEM tiles covering the current region or region extents given with the region option into GRASS and patches the tiles together.

Creating a map with inset using tmap

Plotting maps with tmap Get the libraries Main map Inset map Create the final map All the code Plotting maps with tmap Figure 1: A map of the distances to the nearest Natura2000 areas in a region in the central Oder basin.