Playing with animal tracking data in QGIS

Using the Temporal Controller in QGIS to visualize the movements of cattle in the Logone Floodplain in Cameroon. Based on data from the Movebank, a free, online database of animal tracking data.

Invasive alien species

Working on invasive alien species (IAS)

Tree species diversity distribution

A short description how to use the r.series.diversity addon for GRASS GIS to generate maps of the tree species diversity across the contiguous USA, based on tree species distribution data by Wilson et al. 2013

Vegetationmap 4 Africa

Information portal to support conservation, vegetation restoration and agroforestry

The atlas of the natural vegetation of Ethiopia

The atlas of the natural vegetation of Ethiopia, description and download

Potential Natural Vegetation for south-western and central Kenya

An atlas of the natural vegetation of southwest Kenya. Adapting old vegetation maps into easy-to-use decision support tools to help identify the best indigenous trees to grow on farms.